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Specialising in: Modelling, corporate events, promotions, motorsport, sampling and launches. We have an established career in the casting agency, corporate and entertainment industry for over 20 years.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are experienced in dealing with all different levels of clientele ranging from smaller companies to large corporations. They have (or are provided with) extensive training & experience when it comes to effectively promoting a clients corporate image or profile. They will bring unequalled enthusiasm and commitment to every event that they work on to ensure the success of your campaign & maximum results. We can provide a supervisor for your events to co-ordinate our BA’s so that you can concentrate on the days events. 


All personnel have had extensive training and experience when it comes to effectively promoting a client’s image and profile. Whenever you book our promotional personnel for an event or campaign, you can be assured of success and maximum results.
SP Promotions Event Staff


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